July´s wish list!

A few of the things I´ve been loving lately.. craving! .. by the way that bamboo pens it´s on its way to my home! :).. if you know were I can find some of this items in a good price.. please let me know on the comments!. thank you!

ESPAÑOL >>> Estos son algunos de las cosas que me han encantado últimamente.. deseando!.. por cierto la pluma de bamboo esta en camino a mi casa! :).. si sabes donde puedo conseguir algunos de estos objetos a buen precio, por favor hazmelo saber vía un comentario! 🙂 gracias!


| 1 Thonet chair | Acrilic/gold stapler & tape dispenser by Russel and Hasel | 3 Mint Julep Cup | 4 Bamboo pen | 5 Telescopic Round metal table | 6 French metal chair | 7 Chemex coffee maker |

My Favorite Online Magazines

Adore Magazine

I use to buy a lot of magazines on stores and I loved to collect them, but I couldn´t store them anymore on my house because the lack of space, and also they are very expensive, specially here since most of the magazines that I like are in english, they are even more expensive for being foreign. So when I discover the world of online magazines I completely fall in love with them. First of all you can check them anywhere you want, whenever, and some of them are free, and second of all they are eco friendly because you skip the process of printing and shipping around the world, so thats a bonus! Here I leave you my favorite free online magazines and at the end of the post some that are not free but you can sneak peak a little ;). ..Please leave me a comment if you know any other online magazine that you love. Enjoy!

ESPAÑOL >> Solía comprar muchísimas revistas en las tiendas y me encantaba coleccionarlas pero ya no podía guardarlas en mi casa por falta de espacio y ademas porque son muy caras, en especial aquí como la mayoría son extranjeras salen carisimas. Así que cuando descubrí el mundo de las revistas online me enamore por completo. Primero que nada porque las puedes ver en donde sea y a cualquier hora y algunas de ellas son gratuitas, y en segundo lugar porque son eco friendly porque se evitar los gastos de imprimirlas en papel y los costos de enviarlas a todo el mundo, así que eso es un plus. Así que aquí les dejo mis revistas online favoritas y algunas que aparecen al final del post no son gratuitas pero te permiten ver un poco. 😉 Si conoces alguna revista online que te guste dejame un comentario! 🙂 Disfrutalo!

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-17 a las 22.08.37

Matchbook Magazine

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-17 a las 22.09.13Lonny Magazine 
Rue Magazine

Sweet Paul Magazine

 Collected Magazine

House of Fifty Magazine

Ivy and Piper Magazine

Fete Magazine

Tiny garden, quick make over!


Hi, this post is just to show you guys a very quick way to improve a space, you don´t need  big investment to make something pretty. Also to participate in a summer link party that Jenna from “Rain on a tin Roof” organize with other 3 bloggers.

This is my back yard.. small!.. I know!.. unbelievably small. 😦 But what are gonna do?.. Make it pretty!. With some very inexpensive thing this turned out to be a pretty comfy place. A few thing that I use are: pallets to make the seats | foam and fabric to make the seating cushions and the pillows | Some bamboo sticks and  yards of cheesecloth very inexpensive and functional fabric to create a tent | I also use some place mats to create an outdoor rug. I Hope you find this helpful and you can apply some ideas for your space!.  enjoy!

español2      Hola, este post es solo para mostrarles una manera rápida de hacer mejoras a un espacio, no necesitas una gran inversión para hacerlo bonito. También porque quiero participar en una Summer link party que organiza Jenna de “Rain on a tin roof” y otras 3 bloggeras.

Este es  mi patio trasero.. pequeño lo se! increíblemente pequeño. 😦 Pero que le vamos a hacer?… hacerlo bonito!.. Con cosas sin mucho costo este lugar se transformo en un lugar muy cómodo. Algunas de las cosas que utilice: Tarimas para hacer los asientos | espuma y telas para hacer los asientos y los cojines | Algunos palos de bambú y tela de manta de cielo que es muy económica y funcional para hacer una carpa. | Manteles individuales para armar un tapete de exterior. Espero encuentres esto útil y puedas aplicar algunas ideas para tus espacios. Disfrutalo!


afterIMG_9722IMG_9754 IMG_9747 IMG_9748 IMG_9749IMG_9721 IMG_9727 IMG_9715IMG_9729 IMG_9743 IMG_9761 IMG_9757

Mother´s Day Brunch

Last Friday was mother´s day here in sunny México, here we celebrate every May 10th whatever day falls on. I went to Costco and saw this beautiful flowers and I completely fall in love with them I don´t know what type of flower it is but the foliage was like pine type, it was beautiful.. let me know if you know the name of those flowers. The next day Saturday we decided my cousin and I, to throw a brunch for our mothers and grandmother, so this is the table setting we created and the food was delicious. The weather was perfect sunny but fresh. I just wanted to show you guys how it looked. Congrats to all the mothers one week late! ;p



DIY Ikat Bowl

I spotted this Antropologie ikat mini bowls and I think they are so cute. Unfortionaly we don´t have that store here in México and when I saw them for the first time it was too late to purchase one online they were sold out. So I found a pretty similar white bowl on walmart and decided to make one for myself.


The idea came because I saw a post that you can bake ceramic with sharpie designs to make it permanent and thought I could do that with the ikat one!. So I did! And I think the final result is really pretty. Let me Know what you think!

Sterling Style


| A bowl | Sharpie or Bic Marking Marker | Gold marker or gold paint |


The first thing I did was analyze tha design I wanted. so it would look very similar, The first step you´ll do is to trace your design with fine lines over your bowl,  in case you mess it up you can always wipe it out with some alcohol and it will be completely clean. You should start by flipping over your bowl and dividing  the bottom part in symmetric parts (shown below). Then you proceed to fill your design.



As a final detail I painted the mouth edge with some gold paint (picture not shown) You have to be very careful in this step, I used a fine brush and I let it dry completely before using it. My plan is to use this bowl as a jewelry organizer, I would´nt recommend to use is for food because the cleaning could erase the paint. I´ve seen some tutorial where the say you can bake it and becomes permanent but it hasn´t been proved! Maybe you could!.. let me know!



DIY Gold Chevron Desk Tray (Kate Spade office)

Hi, this time I´m going to show you a tray that I did a few weeks ago and I really really liked it, the result is very functional and pretty. The chevron pattern as you probably know is very in right now, Kate Spade is one of the brands that are exploiting this pattern, and I think in golden colors it could look very elegant and fun at the same time. I want to apologies in advance for some of the pictures, I tend to get creative on the late ours of the day so taking picture at night makes them look very ugly. Promise to take my tutorials pictures in the mornings! 🙂



White Spray paint in white for your base (primer or regular paint) | Gold spray paint for the chevron pattern or any color you prefer |  Transparent gloss spray paint for a final coat | Masking tape (in my case I used a thin one so the chevron pattern looks smaller) | pencil | ruler | scissors |


Of course you´ll need the actual tray it could be a plastic one like mine or it could be a wooden one or even metal. This tray was my moms and she never used it, it was pretty but not pretty enough.


First step is to sand a little the surface so the paint would stay longer. Now go ahead and paint it white. After that you´ll have to wait at least a couple of hours or you´ll regret it. I let it dry about 12 hours!


Then you will have to divide one of the sides in 4 or more lanes depending on the size of your tray. You´ll have lanes that you are going to fill with angled stripes of tape leaving empty spaces the same width as the tape.


After you finish the first lane, trace with your pencil a line over the tape and proceed to cut the excess of tape beyond the line, with you´ll proceed to start the second lane, but in mirror reflect angles >. As shown in the second picture.

IMG_8968   IMG_8969

Cut the excess to create a clean shape.


You´ll have something similar to this when you are done.


Cover the whole permitter with tape and with paper make something like a box around it to avoid painting everything surrounding our project.


Spray Paint with at least two coats waiting between each coat. Once its dry remove the tape to reveal the beautiful design.


After you peel all the tape, Give it a double coat of transparent gloss to preserve the design and the sparkly golden color.


Listo! …You are done!… You can use this for anything that  you want. I would not recommend using this for food or messy uses, because the constant cleaning of this might peel the paint off with time. So keep it clean with a moist cloth. Enjoy and let me know what you think!.

IMG_9295 IMG_9296

You can check my other chevron tray here


Louis XVI Neo-Classical Chair

I have always loved vintage furniture specially when you mix modern and vintage stuff. My room has a mixture of everything, but still I am trying to unify it a bit at a time. This post is about a beautiful chair. I recently found two images on pinterest and I finally knew what was the name of the design that I really liked. It´s called Louis XVI Neo-Classical Squared Chair even though it´s a bit more masculine than the Rococo style in the right, I think it makes it a little more modern mixable. I personally love how this illustrations compares the differences in styles between each of them. Being an Industrial designer myself I always try to look for quality classic pieces that will last forever and know the importance of good design.

Here you can see how mixed with contemporary decor you can use it so beautifully, this is the set of Fashion Police which I really like, this is a  modern version made by designer Jonathan Adler, I believe he updated the set with a full make over including his famous ceramic designs.


Since I always wanted one of those chairs I started to search on the web and on the local stores and second hand places (which I love), and found something very similar in Casa Dragon and it was on Sale! it cost only $150 uds compared with Adler´s price that is $1,295 usd mine was a bargain. So I purchase it, of course it needs a little bit of make over, but not much, basically just a new upholstery. So I am searching for a pretty fabric to make it even more perfect.

So stay tone for the make over of this pretty chair and how it will look in my bedroom! I´m so exited to see how it will look at the end!