Repurposing Skull candle stick


This diy was something that I really wanted for some time, and when I saw this cheese candle stick, I thought I could turn that into a pretty cupcake stand. First of all I´m so not into skulls unless I´m in a anatomy drawing class or wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf hahahaha i wish! So this was for me a very ugly candle stick, besides I don´t even like halloween. So this was easy and fun to do and it only took my a few minutes to accomplish. The steps I did were unscrewing all the skulls that were in the candle stick, this picture only shows two but there use to be like 10 all around. After that I just cleaned it, paint it and that was it, I hope you like this diy, simple and pretty.




Tiny garden, quick make over!


Hi, this post is just to show you guys a very quick way to improve a space, you don´t need  big investment to make something pretty. Also to participate in a summer link party that Jenna from “Rain on a tin Roof” organize with other 3 bloggers.

This is my back yard.. small!.. I know!.. unbelievably small. 😦 But what are gonna do?.. Make it pretty!. With some very inexpensive thing this turned out to be a pretty comfy place. A few thing that I use are: pallets to make the seats | foam and fabric to make the seating cushions and the pillows | Some bamboo sticks and  yards of cheesecloth very inexpensive and functional fabric to create a tent | I also use some place mats to create an outdoor rug. I Hope you find this helpful and you can apply some ideas for your space!.  enjoy!

español2      Hola, este post es solo para mostrarles una manera rápida de hacer mejoras a un espacio, no necesitas una gran inversión para hacerlo bonito. También porque quiero participar en una Summer link party que organiza Jenna de “Rain on a tin roof” y otras 3 bloggeras.

Este es  mi patio trasero.. pequeño lo se! increíblemente pequeño. 😦 Pero que le vamos a hacer?… hacerlo bonito!.. Con cosas sin mucho costo este lugar se transformo en un lugar muy cómodo. Algunas de las cosas que utilice: Tarimas para hacer los asientos | espuma y telas para hacer los asientos y los cojines | Algunos palos de bambú y tela de manta de cielo que es muy económica y funcional para hacer una carpa. | Manteles individuales para armar un tapete de exterior. Espero encuentres esto útil y puedas aplicar algunas ideas para tus espacios. Disfrutalo!


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