DIY Ombre Dessert Cutlery


The ombre style is one trendy word it is most know for hair graded coloring but we have seen int in almost everything, nails, fabric, etc. But this diy is so simple and stylish and specially fun,  you are going to want to applying it in almost everything. First I was inspired by this pictures of spoons even though it doesn´t have to do anything with ombre it was the inspiration to purchase the spoons that I found on a dollar store.

español2El estilo Ombre es una palabra muy de moda últimamente que es mas conocida como el estilo degradado del color de cabello pero lo encontramos en casi cualquier cosa, uñas, telas, etc. Pero este DIY es tan simple y elegante y sobre todo divertida, Vas a querer aplicar la técnica en casi cualquier cosa. Primero me inspire en estas imágenes de cucharas de plástico y aunque no tienen nada que ver con el estilo ombre fueron la razón por la que compre las cucharas en primer lugar en las tiendas de un solo precio.



| plastic spoons | spray paint |

| cucharas de plastico | pintura en aerosol |


You´ll start by spraying in one direction to avoid painting the part that you don´t what to paint. If you use painters tape you will get a line and that what we are avoiding, we are looking for the faded color. First you spray a broad space with a single coat and every additional coat that you spray you paint a smaller area. Once you have done one side of the spoon and it´s completely dry you flip it and paint the other side.

Empezaras pintando con el spray en una solo dirección evitando el área que no quieres pintar. Si utilizas tape para tapar esa área te quedaran lineas y es lo que queremos evitar, queremos un color degradado. Primero pintaras un el area mas grande que quieres pintar y en cada capa que vayas aplicando iras reduciendo el área para lograr el efecto. Una vez que este seco lo volteas y pintas la parte trasera.


Then you have a beautiful set of dessert spoons of forks or any other item that you´ll like.  It truly looks amazing in real life, and it´s so inexpensive and chic! 🙂 Let me now is you tried something similar.

Al final tendras un hermoso set de cucharas o tenedores o cualquier cosa que hayas pintado. Verdaderamente se ve padrísimo en vida real, y es super economico de hacer y se ve muy chic. Hazme saber si hiciste algo similar.


DIY Gold Chevron Desk Tray (Kate Spade office)

Hi, this time I´m going to show you a tray that I did a few weeks ago and I really really liked it, the result is very functional and pretty. The chevron pattern as you probably know is very in right now, Kate Spade is one of the brands that are exploiting this pattern, and I think in golden colors it could look very elegant and fun at the same time. I want to apologies in advance for some of the pictures, I tend to get creative on the late ours of the day so taking picture at night makes them look very ugly. Promise to take my tutorials pictures in the mornings! 🙂



White Spray paint in white for your base (primer or regular paint) | Gold spray paint for the chevron pattern or any color you prefer |  Transparent gloss spray paint for a final coat | Masking tape (in my case I used a thin one so the chevron pattern looks smaller) | pencil | ruler | scissors |


Of course you´ll need the actual tray it could be a plastic one like mine or it could be a wooden one or even metal. This tray was my moms and she never used it, it was pretty but not pretty enough.


First step is to sand a little the surface so the paint would stay longer. Now go ahead and paint it white. After that you´ll have to wait at least a couple of hours or you´ll regret it. I let it dry about 12 hours!


Then you will have to divide one of the sides in 4 or more lanes depending on the size of your tray. You´ll have lanes that you are going to fill with angled stripes of tape leaving empty spaces the same width as the tape.


After you finish the first lane, trace with your pencil a line over the tape and proceed to cut the excess of tape beyond the line, with you´ll proceed to start the second lane, but in mirror reflect angles >. As shown in the second picture.

IMG_8968   IMG_8969

Cut the excess to create a clean shape.


You´ll have something similar to this when you are done.


Cover the whole permitter with tape and with paper make something like a box around it to avoid painting everything surrounding our project.


Spray Paint with at least two coats waiting between each coat. Once its dry remove the tape to reveal the beautiful design.


After you peel all the tape, Give it a double coat of transparent gloss to preserve the design and the sparkly golden color.


Listo! …You are done!… You can use this for anything that  you want. I would not recommend using this for food or messy uses, because the constant cleaning of this might peel the paint off with time. So keep it clean with a moist cloth. Enjoy and let me know what you think!.

IMG_9295 IMG_9296

You can check my other chevron tray here


DIY Kate Spade inspired iphone case

I have always loved this Kate Spade´s iphone case also the black polka dots one, So I decided to make one myself. This DIY is really simple, you´ll need some basic materials and a couple of days.


Spray paint in Gold, white, transparent and another color (in my case aqua blue).


You´ll also need some circular adhesive labels for your pattern I chose ones from 1cm diameter. Also of course you´ll need an iphone case I bought mine on ebay for like 1 or 2 dollars directly from china. 🙂



I purchase the ones I used in a craft store just like this, but you can find them in places like office depot in small packages and different sizes.


Step 1: You have to sand a little bit the surface to allowed the paint to stick better, use a very high number sand paper that means a very soft sand paper not rough. After that you have to clean it very well before painting.


Step 2: Paint the first color, this is the color that the polka dots are gonna be. If you choose another color for the dots this is the time to paint it.

VERY IMPORTANT STEP —> STEP 3: Don´t forget to apply a transparent coat after step 2 especially if you are using metallic colors because when we put the labels on in step 4, metallic paint tends to loose the sparkly coat very easily when you peel the labels off, so we have to protect it with this transparent coat.


Step 4: Then you´ll stick the labels in order of your design, make sure that they are well put not peeling off.


Step 5: Go ahead and paint it white very fast because the sticker / labels start to peeling off right away.

Step 6: After its completely dry, you´ll peel off all the labels with the help of a exact knife or a tooth pick.


Small mistake.  Very important.


Step 7: If you want the edges colored, you´ll have to use some masking tape or painters tape and go around the whole diameter. I just stick it from a very small edge of 1 millimeter.


Step 8: Flip over and paint with our favorite color. I put a paper inside so the insides would not  get painted.


Step 9: Peel off the tape and reveal the perfect colored frame .


And  tadaaaa!. You have a very beautiful iphone cover that looks awesome, you can do this on any iphone or android phone covers just wont work on silicone ones because the paint will crack.



You can create any design you´ll like even using basic materials like painters tape or if you have pretty small decals you can used the too. Here are some examples of pretty ones you can accomplish very easily.