DIY Gold Chevron Desk Tray (Kate Spade office)

Hi, this time I´m going to show you a tray that I did a few weeks ago and I really really liked it, the result is very functional and pretty. The chevron pattern as you probably know is very in right now, Kate Spade is one of the brands that are exploiting this pattern, and I think in golden colors it could look very elegant and fun at the same time. I want to apologies in advance for some of the pictures, I tend to get creative on the late ours of the day so taking picture at night makes them look very ugly. Promise to take my tutorials pictures in the mornings! 🙂



White Spray paint in white for your base (primer or regular paint) | Gold spray paint for the chevron pattern or any color you prefer |  Transparent gloss spray paint for a final coat | Masking tape (in my case I used a thin one so the chevron pattern looks smaller) | pencil | ruler | scissors |


Of course you´ll need the actual tray it could be a plastic one like mine or it could be a wooden one or even metal. This tray was my moms and she never used it, it was pretty but not pretty enough.


First step is to sand a little the surface so the paint would stay longer. Now go ahead and paint it white. After that you´ll have to wait at least a couple of hours or you´ll regret it. I let it dry about 12 hours!


Then you will have to divide one of the sides in 4 or more lanes depending on the size of your tray. You´ll have lanes that you are going to fill with angled stripes of tape leaving empty spaces the same width as the tape.


After you finish the first lane, trace with your pencil a line over the tape and proceed to cut the excess of tape beyond the line, with you´ll proceed to start the second lane, but in mirror reflect angles >. As shown in the second picture.

IMG_8968   IMG_8969

Cut the excess to create a clean shape.


You´ll have something similar to this when you are done.


Cover the whole permitter with tape and with paper make something like a box around it to avoid painting everything surrounding our project.


Spray Paint with at least two coats waiting between each coat. Once its dry remove the tape to reveal the beautiful design.


After you peel all the tape, Give it a double coat of transparent gloss to preserve the design and the sparkly golden color.


Listo! …You are done!… You can use this for anything that  you want. I would not recommend using this for food or messy uses, because the constant cleaning of this might peel the paint off with time. So keep it clean with a moist cloth. Enjoy and let me know what you think!.

IMG_9295 IMG_9296

You can check my other chevron tray here


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