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Hi!.. I know that recently haven´t post anything but I´ve been really bussy with new plans …that soon I´ll be sharing but in the meantime here is a really cool video from The Staves called Facing West for the Mahogany Sessions.. enjoy!

Nick Zinner´s 41 strings.

Loved it!

Nick Zinner and members of the Australian Youth Orchestra performing Fall live at Sydney Festival: Sydney Opera House in Sydney on 22 January 2012.

In response to the 41st anniversary of Earth Day last year, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner composed the extraordinary 41 Strings. This is the first time I´m hearing about it and I loved it. The piece is part concerto in the classical tradition, but with the modern rock ‘n’ roll feel one would expect from Zinner.

A musician who consistently surprises with his versatility, Zinner conducts and plays. Using Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as inspiration, 41 Strings is also hopeful and ultimately joyful.

Joining Zinner for the 41 Strings’ second ever outing are friends and co-collaborators Hisham Akira Bharoocha (Soft Circle, Black Dice, The Boredoms) and Ben Vida (Soft Circle, Town and Country, Bird Show). Together with a core band and members of the Australian Youth Orchestra they complete the large string ensemble. Information from here

español2 En respuesta al 41 aniversario de la celebración del día de la Tierra, Nick Zinner de los Yeah Yeah Yeahs compuso una obra esxtraordinaria llamada “41 strings” (41 cuerdas) Esta es la primera vez que la escuche y me encanto!. Esta pieza es parte concierto en la tradición clásica, pero con un toque moderno de rock lo cual se esperaría de Zinner.

Un musico que consistentemente nos sprprende por su versatilidad , Zunner junto con sus colaboradores Hisham Akira Bharoocha (Soft Circlem Black Dice, The Boredoms) y Ben Vida (Soft Circle, Town and Country, Bird Show). Juntos con una banda principal y miembros de la Orquesta Juvenil de Australia completaron el ensamble de cuerdas.