Midori (fauxdori) Traveler´s journal envelope folder DIY

la foto 2

Using an old, used, all stamped mailing envelope could be the perfect way to make a folder pocket for your midori. Very easy to make and great for cool looking extra storage in you travel journal.


As shown in the picture above I´m using an envelope I received from Hong Kong a few years ago with pretty mailing stamps, the size is a little smaller than a letter size paper. What you’ll have to do is to measure your planner, in my case I´m measuring my own planner (found on my etsy shop) and doubling the size cut the bottom part to leave it open and get the right size. Now folded in half.

You´ll get something like this. An envelope side and an open side.


Using your sewing machine or if you are brave enough stitch it by hand, stitch that middle line you just fold.  As shown below.


You´ll have something like this.


Now using some kraft tape or washi tape as you prefer, cover the edges of the open pocket to reinforce it.

IMG_0742 IMG_0743

This will make it strong and prevent it from tearing. Do not close the pocket just protect the edges leaving it open.


Now you can slip it under your insert.IMG_0746

And you are done!…you can go ahead and start decorating with memorabilia and whatever you want to put over your new envelope folder pocket thing.. haha.

IMG_0748IMG_0749IMG_0747   IMG_0750 IMG_0751

I hope you´ve like this DIY, personally I loved it!.. it gives my journal a traveled vibe and is very practical to store lots of things. Give me like and a comment if you´ve liked it and you want to see more midori/fauxdori related post. 🙂

Acapulco summer sun

This past weekend my cousin Tania went to Acapulco one of the most famous beaches in México and she took this super cute picture that I couldn´t resist on sharing because It is exactly how I feel this summer hiding from the sun, it has been so hot here and I totally agree with this kitten, Not a big fan of the sun but grateful for it.. if that makes any sense!

ESPAÑOL >> Este fin de semana pasado mi prima Tania fue a Acapulco una de las playas mas famosas de México y tomó esta súper tierna foto que no pude resistir en compartirla con uds porque es exactamente como me siento este verano ocultandome del sol, ha hecho tanto calor aquí y concuerdo con este gatito, No soy fan del sol pero estoy agradecida por el.. si eso tiene sentido.

The desert´s orchid


A few months ago my family and I went to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México and we visited a place called “Fabrica La Aurora” this is an incredible place that it use to be a textile factory since 1902, but now is a mixture of art galleries, art studios, shops and restaurants it´s amazing.. I might do a post about it later. Anyways.. we were walking around and saw this amazing cactus with the most exotic flower I have ever seen coming from such a small cacti plant I even post it on my instagram..(Shown below) So long story short yesterday that same flower appeared in my garden. My mom has always had cacti plants she loves the because ones in a while the bloom and it is an amazing thing to watch. So here are the blooms, the funny thing and sad is that we think it only blooms one day each flower, the day we saw it one of the buds bloom and sleep at night and the other one opened the next morning you´ll see in the pics. So I just wanted to share this amazing gift we receive in our yard.  Hope you like it and if you know the name of this type of cacti, let me know!

español2  Hace unos meses mi familia y yo fuimos de pasea a San Miguel de Allende , Guanajuato, México y visitamos un lugar llamado “Fabrica la Aurora” este lugar es increíble, solía ser una fabrica de textiles desde el año 1092, pero ahora es una mezcla de galerías de arte, estudios de arte, tiendas y restaurantes es increíble.. Tal vez haga un post sobre este lugar mas adelante. Entonces estábamos caminando por este lugar cuando vimos un catus con la flor mas grande y exótica que he visto salir de un tan pequeño cactus, hasta la publique en mi instagram.. (foto abajo) Para hacer la historia corta.. ayer esa misma flor apareció en mi patio. Mi mamá siempre ha tenido plantas cactaceas le encantan, porque de vez en cuando florean y es algo increíble de admirar. Entonces aquí están las fotos de las flores, lo chistoso y triste es que pensamos que florean por un solo día cada flor, el día que las vimos una de las flores estaba abierta y la otra cerrada, en la noche se durmió y se cerro. La mañana siguiente la otra se abrió lo podrás ver en las fotos. Pues solo queria compartir con ustedes este regalo que recibimos en nuestro jardin. Espero les guste y si sabes el nombre de este tipo de cactacea por favor hazmelo saber!


My plant!




Hi, I am a Mexican Industrial designer/artist/graphic designer/ interior decorator amateur/ a lot more things! I live in the beautiful city of Querétaro México, have you ever been here? It´s beautiful. Since this is my first post in this blog I want to show some pictures of my city. I have been procrastinating about creating a blog, I started one in tumblr but I ended up doing nothing much. I finally I have enough motivation to be creative and do pretty fun stuff for you guys to enjoy! The thing is that every time I write on a blog I feel nobody is listening, in this case reading, But If you are out there reading this let me know so I can keep posting cool stuff. By the way If I make some grammatical mistakes don´t judge hahah.. remember that English is not my native speaking language Spanish is…and if you ask me in spanish I could write almost perfectly… sometimes! So I hope you like what I post! Please don´t hesitate on making requests! 🙂