Featured in Moleskine-world IG

Last week I was surprised when a dear friend Geninne tag me in a post that I had no idea was posted. I was featured on the moleskine instagram feed. (shown below). Very nice comment was published above my painting. The thing is that several months ago I was looking at the moleskin site watching all the sketchbooks and I decided to share some of mine, and last week they posted this portrait I painted last year in my large moleskine. This post is just to share my excitement about the event …haha.. this just makes me want to paint even more. If you found this post by any chance its probably because you love to paint or draw too, I hope you keep painting and drawing because art it one of the biggest fuels in life. 🙂


Quoting… “gold can be very elegant and add a touch of glamour, warmth and sophistication to any environment.” That is before Hawksworth Interiors featured my Gold Chevron tray!… Thank you guys! 🙂

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-10 a las 01.04.52

And also on a very cool blog called…Top Inspired where the features my tray also.. very cool selection of office trays they did!.. nice!

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don´t you love when people call you creative… hahaha… check out the other creative stuff in both blogs!…happy monday!

Featured in Career Bliss

Hi!.. today my DIY Gold Chevron Tray was featured on the page Career Bliss, last week Ritika Trikha writer of Career Bliss ask me if she could use my DIY for an article she was writing about Summer desk projects, and of course I said yes!..being a new blogger this is cool. I even felt weird when she wrote.. “Blogger Arely Perusquia”.. hahah this is so new to me! 🙂 So check the Article it has very cool ideas!

Hola!– Hoy mi DIY Gold Chevron Tray fue presentada en la página Career Bliss, la semana pasada Ritika Trikha escritora de Career Bliss me pregunto si podia usar mi DIY para un artículo que estaba escribiendo sobre Proyectos para el escritorio para este Verano, y por supuesto dije que si!.. siendo una nueva bloggera esto esta súper padre!.. hasta sentí raro que escribiera “Blogger Arely Perusquia” jajaj.. todo esto es muy nuevo para mi! 🙂 Chequen el artículo tiene unas ideas muy padres!


Featured on “Rain on a tin Roof” blog

Today I had the honor to be featured on a really cool blog called Rain on a tin roof the blogger Jenna told me this morning about it!.. It was amazing. All this because I participated on the Style Soiree that she and other 4 bloggers organize last week. And apparently mine was one of her favorites. This is a blogging buster! haha..Check her site is really cool! ..And also try my tutorial is really easy and also the other tutorial that participated.

El dia de hoy tuve el honor de ser mencionada en un blogg padrísimo, se llama Rain on a tin roof la bloggera Jenna me aviso esta mañana!. Fue genial!. Todo esto porque fui invitada a participar en un Style Soiree la semana pasada organizada por ella y otras 4 bloggeras.Y aparentemente el mío fue uno de sus favoritos. Esto fue una súper motivada. jajaja.. Chequen su página esta súper padre!.. Y también realizen mi tutorial esta súper fácil y el otro tutorial que también participo.

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Kate Spade Style Soiree Invite

Kate Spade Style Soiree Invite

Hi!.. I want to share with you guys my excitement, because I was invited by Heather the blogger from 
the southern state of mind blog to post my DIY Kate Spade inspired iphone case ,her and other 4 bloggers are inviting people to post at their pages diy projects inspired on kate Spade. They called it Kate Spade Style Soiree, I´m super new in all this blogging things. But it was an honor!..I just opened by blog like 2 weeks ago! How crazy is that!…I belive you can still post your ideas!.. But is not only Kate Spade, for four months they are going to do this Summer Soiree Style Series, four months, four different Style Icons! Check all the projects!  I also posted this project!