I´m an illustrator now


A few weeks back a lovely client contact me and ask me for a custom avatar design, she said that she loved my Miss Lily Shades and she wanted something similar for her bussines. I had done inllustration in the past, so I said Yes.. after I finished she was very pleaced and she shared the illustration in a group of bussines women, and I started to have a ton of requests.. And belive me… I looove making this beatiful characters. Making their faces into this lovely images.. is so fun and rewarding. Also the filling of helping this people making their bussines more atractive and professional is awesome. So from now on, I´m open for request of illustration… At my shop you´ll se the listing for that, but I can do full illustration not just character standing still but also scenes with custom lettering too!.


Featured in Moleskine-world IG

Last week I was surprised when a dear friend Geninne tag me in a post that I had no idea was posted. I was featured on the moleskine instagram feed. (shown below). Very nice comment was published above my painting. The thing is that several months ago I was looking at the moleskin site watching all the sketchbooks and I decided to share some of mine, and last week they posted this portrait I painted last year in my large moleskine. This post is just to share my excitement about the event …haha.. this just makes me want to paint even more. If you found this post by any chance its probably because you love to paint or draw too, I hope you keep painting and drawing because art it one of the biggest fuels in life. 🙂

Oliver Jeffers, picture book maker.

I found this video via Pinterest about Oliver Jeffers and I just loved it, seeing someone that enjoys life through drawing images and creating stories just makes me happy. I believe everybody should do what they love and make profit out of it. I hope you find this video inspirational for your life and it did to mine.

Happy Birthday sticker set in Sugarpandax3

Hello Again I want to share the last video of Annie Nguyen´s youtube channel Sugarpandax3 where she uses the watercolor “Happy Birthday” set of stickers that I sent to her. She did an amazing job on her birthday week pages. Check the video out ann give her a thumbs up!.. Also visit my etsy shop to get the stickers!.. Also new Stickers coming out on monday!

New Etsy Shop


Hi, I know I have been super absent for the last several months, and I´m so sorry about it. But I have had great projects and great moments in my life. But today I want to share with you guys my latest one. First of all I have a new Instagram account @LovelyScrolling (already linked to my IG button) And second of all, I been Filofaxing all this year. If you are not familiarized with the word, Filofaxing comes from the English brand Filofax (since 1921) who sells planners and journals, and the word filofaxing is referring to all the people out there who love and adore filofax products and enjoys decorating the weekly, monthly and daily pages with tons of creativity, stickers, washi tapes and more. So me being crazy about everything stationary I joined the crazy filofaxing people!.. But this time I decided to go further and created my own line of stickers, I have been using planners since high school and I´ve always decorated them with my own scraps of thing I found.  So this is been a dream of my since forever! haha Actually now that I think about it, my first entrepreneur thing was buy and sell stickers w.hen I was 7 years old.. so this was going to happen sooner or later. And also I personally hand painted in watercolors the designs and also in my computer. So without further adieu here is my first sticker collection, soon to be more extended! Please visit my store and feel free to share!.

Here is my etsy shop!

By the way I have an Instagram giveaway of my stickers…only for IG followers so follow all the instruction to enter on my IG account.

Happy Birthday set

Everyday life Set

Writing Bubbles Set

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just a crush…

Hello Again, I want to shared you you guys one watercolor portrait I did a few weeks ago on my watercolor moelskine sketchbook, during my vacation break, This is the gorgeous actor James McAvoy… love him! I will be posting another ladies I did also on my break!.. Have a Happy weekend!

ESPAÑOL>>>> Hola otra vez!.. quiero compartirles un retrato en acuarela que hice hace unas semanas durante mis vacaciones pasadas en mi libreta de bocetos en acuarela moleskine, Este es el guapísimo actor James McAvoy … lo amo! Estaré posteando unas mujercitas que hice también en mis vacaciones!.. Les deseo un excelente fin de semana!


Late night hobby!

Hi.. I know I have been absent for quite some time, but I wanted to share some of the painting I have been doing recently… I went to an art High school and over the years I have painted some paintings, but I had stopped for most of my collage years. Recently I received as a gift one watercolor Moleskine sketchbook and started painting again in a smaller format than usual but.. I stated enjoying it again.. So I think this is turning into a late night hobby for me.  So here are some of the portraits I made in the past weeks.. Have  great Weekend! 🙂

Hola.. Se que he estado ausente por un buen tiempo , pero quería compartirles algunas pinturas que he estado haciendo recientemente… Yo fui a una preparatoria de arte y a través de los años he pintado algunos cuadros, pero deje de pintar por la mayoría de años que estuve en la universidad. Recientemente recibí de regalo una libreta para bocetaje de acuarela Moleskine y empece a pintar de nuevo en un formato pequeño… Comencé a disfrutarlo de nuevo … Así que esto se esta convirtiendo en un hobby que hago tarde en la noche. Así que aquí están algunos de los retratos que he hecho en las semanas anteriores… Tengan un excelente fin de semana!… 🙂





Jewelry course!

This past week was very cool for me, because I finally join my jewelry course with my cousin and one of my best friends, we where expecting it to start for month and it finally did. This is the first contact I had with pure silver.. It´s so beautiful, so clean and shiny and it makes the sound of tiny bells.  🙂 This is almost 1000 dollars worth of silver.. Thank God I don´t have it with me anymore.. It is my entire classmates material!  I so looking forward to learn everything about melting the silver and stuff.. wish me luck and i will show you more of the thing I´m doing in this class!

ESPAÑOL>>> Esta semana pasada fue muy padre para mi, porque finalmente entre al curso de joyería con mi prima y una de mis mejores amigas, estabas esperando por casi seis meses y finalmente llego. Este fue el primer contacto que tuve con la plata. Es súper bonita, limpia y brillante y hace sonidos como de pequeñas campanitas. 🙂 Esto es casi 10,000 pesos en plata.. Menos mal que ya no la tengo conmigo.. Es el material para todos los integrantes de mi clase!.. Estoy súper emocionada por aprender todo lo que tenga que ver con fundir la plata y de mas!  Deseen me suerte y próximamente les mostrare mas cosas que haga en esta clase!


New Section! Favorite Artists: Agnes Cecile

This is a new section that I think you and I are going to enjoy very much. My plan is to feature ones a month the artists that I personally like, Most of the artist that I admire are because of the technique that they use, some times is the composition of the work and other times is just what the accomplish by creating their work. I studied in an art high school were I had the option of choosing my speciality between music, dance, theater and visual arts, since I have always love art I chose Visual arts, after that I studied one year of Visual Arts in collage but I ended up changing for Industrial design because I love it and I wanted to learn someting new. But Art has always warmth my heart. This time I´m featuring a surprisingly young artist Silvia Pelissero she was born in 1991, in Rome, Italy. She is best known as Agnes Cecile. She went in an art high school in Rome, than she has continued as a self-taught. I really like her work specially her watercolors, I know they have a little sad feeling theme, but the colors, the details, the composition and the expression of the faces are very appealing. I strongly recommend that you watch the two videos that I posted below and see the full process of her paintings. Enjoy!

español2 Esta es una nueva sección que creo que ustedes y yo vamos a disfrutan mcuhisimo. Mi plan es mostrar una vez al mes los artistas que personalmente me gustan mas. La mayoría de los artistas que admiro es por la técnica que usan, otras veces es por la composición de su obra y otras por lo que logran al hacer su trabajo. Yo estudie una preparatoria donde tenia la opción de escoger una especialidad entre música, danza, teatro y artes plásticas, como siempre me ha gustado el arte escogí Artes Plásticas, después estudie un año de Artes plásticas en la universidad pero termine cambiandome a Diseño industrial porque me encanta y quería aprender algo nuevo. Pero el arte siempre ha llenado mi corazón. Esta vez les mostrare a una artista sorprendentemente joven ella es Silvia Pelissero ella nació en Roma Italia en 1991. Ella es mejor conocida como Agnes Cecile. Ella fue a una preparatoria de arte en Roma y después fue meramente autodidacta. Me encanta su trabajo especialmente sus acuarelas, Se que es un poco triste su temática pero sus colores, los detalles, la composición y la expresión de los rostros son bastante atrayentes. Realmente recomiendo que vean los dos videos que puse abajo para que vean como es el proceso completo de sus pinturas. Disfrutenlo!