Midori (fauxdori) Traveler´s journal envelope folder DIY

la foto 2

Using an old, used, all stamped mailing envelope could be the perfect way to make a folder pocket for your midori. Very easy to make and great for cool looking extra storage in you travel journal.


As shown in the picture above I´m using an envelope I received from Hong Kong a few years ago with pretty mailing stamps, the size is a little smaller than a letter size paper. What you’ll have to do is to measure your planner, in my case I´m measuring my own planner (found on my etsy shop) and doubling the size cut the bottom part to leave it open and get the right size. Now folded in half.

You´ll get something like this. An envelope side and an open side.


Using your sewing machine or if you are brave enough stitch it by hand, stitch that middle line you just fold.  As shown below.


You´ll have something like this.


Now using some kraft tape or washi tape as you prefer, cover the edges of the open pocket to reinforce it.

IMG_0742 IMG_0743

This will make it strong and prevent it from tearing. Do not close the pocket just protect the edges leaving it open.


Now you can slip it under your insert.IMG_0746

And you are done!…you can go ahead and start decorating with memorabilia and whatever you want to put over your new envelope folder pocket thing.. haha.

IMG_0748IMG_0749IMG_0747   IMG_0750 IMG_0751

I hope you´ve like this DIY, personally I loved it!.. it gives my journal a traveled vibe and is very practical to store lots of things. Give me like and a comment if you´ve liked it and you want to see more midori/fauxdori related post. 🙂



Quoting… “gold can be very elegant and add a touch of glamour, warmth and sophistication to any environment.” That is before Hawksworth Interiors featured my Gold Chevron tray!… Thank you guys! 🙂

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-10 a las 01.04.52

And also on a very cool blog called…Top Inspired where the features my tray also.. very cool selection of office trays they did!.. nice!

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-10 a las 01.31.25

don´t you love when people call you creative… hahaha… check out the other creative stuff in both blogs!…happy monday!

Hello Again!

Hi! I know it’s been 2 weeks since I last blogged, but my life has been really bussy, first my Birthday week and also my jewelry course whitch has been amazing! I can’t believe how much I been loving goldsmith and jewelry Design! Soon I’ll be postibg the beginings of my collection and my brand that I have had for more than 4 year’s! In the meantime Here is my first silver piece hand made By me! 🙂

ESPAÑOL >>> Hola se que han pasado dos semanas desde que publique algo, pero mi vida ha estado algo ocupada, primero la semana de mi cumpleaños y además el curso de joyería que ha sido increíble! No puedo creer cuanto me esta gustando la orfebrería y el diseño de joyería. Pronto publicaré los principios de mi colección y presentare mi marca que he tenido por 4 años! Mientras tanto les dejo mi primera pieza de plata hecha a mano por mi! 🙂

20130725-110849 p.m..jpg

ps..The apps that I use for this pics are: Frametastic App and A beautiful mess App this is the one! not the “a beautiful mess plus”.. which is a complete copy and fraud!

Jewelry course!

This past week was very cool for me, because I finally join my jewelry course with my cousin and one of my best friends, we where expecting it to start for month and it finally did. This is the first contact I had with pure silver.. It´s so beautiful, so clean and shiny and it makes the sound of tiny bells.  🙂 This is almost 1000 dollars worth of silver.. Thank God I don´t have it with me anymore.. It is my entire classmates material!  I so looking forward to learn everything about melting the silver and stuff.. wish me luck and i will show you more of the thing I´m doing in this class!

ESPAÑOL>>> Esta semana pasada fue muy padre para mi, porque finalmente entre al curso de joyería con mi prima y una de mis mejores amigas, estabas esperando por casi seis meses y finalmente llego. Este fue el primer contacto que tuve con la plata. Es súper bonita, limpia y brillante y hace sonidos como de pequeñas campanitas. 🙂 Esto es casi 10,000 pesos en plata.. Menos mal que ya no la tengo conmigo.. Es el material para todos los integrantes de mi clase!.. Estoy súper emocionada por aprender todo lo que tenga que ver con fundir la plata y de mas!  Deseen me suerte y próximamente les mostrare mas cosas que haga en esta clase!


Gold Rimmed Natural Onyx or Agate Stone Tray


When I saw this picture on pinterest I thought it was so pretty and elegant and remembered that I saw a similar Agate stone in a bazaar that I went (not sure if its agate or onyx), so I went back and bought it.. My first thought was to create the gold rimmed with gold leaf, but it was a bit expensive because I only found it in packages and not just a couple of sheets, then I found this paint called Liquid Gold (Rodin brand at Lumen store only in México) and I though this could work. Fingers Crossed! And it did! So follow this super super easy steps and you´ll get a perfect tray. Enjoy!

ESPAÑOL>>> Cuando vi esta imagen en pinterest pensé que era súper bonita y elegante y recordé que había visto piedra tipo Ágata una en un bazar que visité, así que regresé a comprarla.(No estoy segura que sea ágata o Onyx) Mi primer pensamiento fue hacer el contorno con hoja de oro pero era muy caro porque solo la conseguí en paquetes de varias hojas, entonces vi esta pintura llamada Oro Liquido de marca Rodin en Lumen y pensé que funcionaria Cruce mis dedos! y así fue! Así que sigue estos super super sencillos pasos y tendrás una charolita perfecta.


The first step is to clean very well your stone getting rid of any dust it might have, then with a fine brush apply the liquid gold all around the rimmed area carefully not to paint the flat surface of the stone. This type of paint dried so quickly so in a few minutes was ready!

El primer paso es lavar muy bien tu piedra para quitarle todo el polvo que pueda tener, después con un pincel fino aplica el Oro Liquido por todo el contorno de la piedra con cuidado de no pintar la parte plana de la piedra. Este tipo de pintura seco bastante rápido así que en minutos ya estaba lista! IMG_0337

 If the stone you found is too small you can make a pretty coaster! —– Si la piedra que encuentres es muy pequeña puedes hacer un bonito portavasos!


Featured in Career Bliss

Hi!.. today my DIY Gold Chevron Tray was featured on the page Career Bliss, last week Ritika Trikha writer of Career Bliss ask me if she could use my DIY for an article she was writing about Summer desk projects, and of course I said yes!..being a new blogger this is cool. I even felt weird when she wrote.. “Blogger Arely Perusquia”.. hahah this is so new to me! 🙂 So check the Article it has very cool ideas!

Hola!– Hoy mi DIY Gold Chevron Tray fue presentada en la página Career Bliss, la semana pasada Ritika Trikha escritora de Career Bliss me pregunto si podia usar mi DIY para un artículo que estaba escribiendo sobre Proyectos para el escritorio para este Verano, y por supuesto dije que si!.. siendo una nueva bloggera esto esta súper padre!.. hasta sentí raro que escribiera “Blogger Arely Perusquia” jajaj.. todo esto es muy nuevo para mi! 🙂 Chequen el artículo tiene unas ideas muy padres!


Owl Candle holder to pen holder.

This is a very quick make over, I turn this candle holder into a pretty pen holder.. And I loved it because it holds a lot of pens.. and it looks so cute with this funny owl. It only too a few minutes to paint and it was ready. 🙂

Este es un cambio de imagen rápido, convertí este porta velas en un porta lápices súper bonito. Y me encanto porque tiene espacio para muchas plumas y se ve padrísimo y súper tierno con ese buho. Solo me tomo unos minutos en pintar y quedo listo!.


DIY Ombre Dessert Cutlery


The ombre style is one trendy word it is most know for hair graded coloring but we have seen int in almost everything, nails, fabric, etc. But this diy is so simple and stylish and specially fun,  you are going to want to applying it in almost everything. First I was inspired by this pictures of spoons even though it doesn´t have to do anything with ombre it was the inspiration to purchase the spoons that I found on a dollar store.

español2El estilo Ombre es una palabra muy de moda últimamente que es mas conocida como el estilo degradado del color de cabello pero lo encontramos en casi cualquier cosa, uñas, telas, etc. Pero este DIY es tan simple y elegante y sobre todo divertida, Vas a querer aplicar la técnica en casi cualquier cosa. Primero me inspire en estas imágenes de cucharas de plástico y aunque no tienen nada que ver con el estilo ombre fueron la razón por la que compre las cucharas en primer lugar en las tiendas de un solo precio.



| plastic spoons | spray paint |

| cucharas de plastico | pintura en aerosol |


You´ll start by spraying in one direction to avoid painting the part that you don´t what to paint. If you use painters tape you will get a line and that what we are avoiding, we are looking for the faded color. First you spray a broad space with a single coat and every additional coat that you spray you paint a smaller area. Once you have done one side of the spoon and it´s completely dry you flip it and paint the other side.

Empezaras pintando con el spray en una solo dirección evitando el área que no quieres pintar. Si utilizas tape para tapar esa área te quedaran lineas y es lo que queremos evitar, queremos un color degradado. Primero pintaras un el area mas grande que quieres pintar y en cada capa que vayas aplicando iras reduciendo el área para lograr el efecto. Una vez que este seco lo volteas y pintas la parte trasera.


Then you have a beautiful set of dessert spoons of forks or any other item that you´ll like.  It truly looks amazing in real life, and it´s so inexpensive and chic! 🙂 Let me now is you tried something similar.

Al final tendras un hermoso set de cucharas o tenedores o cualquier cosa que hayas pintado. Verdaderamente se ve padrísimo en vida real, y es super economico de hacer y se ve muy chic. Hazme saber si hiciste algo similar.


Repurposing Skull candle stick


This diy was something that I really wanted for some time, and when I saw this cheese candle stick, I thought I could turn that into a pretty cupcake stand. First of all I´m so not into skulls unless I´m in a anatomy drawing class or wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf hahahaha i wish! So this was for me a very ugly candle stick, besides I don´t even like halloween. So this was easy and fun to do and it only took my a few minutes to accomplish. The steps I did were unscrewing all the skulls that were in the candle stick, this picture only shows two but there use to be like 10 all around. After that I just cleaned it, paint it and that was it, I hope you like this diy, simple and pretty.