DIY Ikat Bowl

I spotted this Antropologie ikat mini bowls and I think they are so cute. Unfortionaly we don´t have that store here in México and when I saw them for the first time it was too late to purchase one online they were sold out. So I found a pretty similar white bowl on walmart and decided to make one for myself.


The idea came because I saw a post that you can bake ceramic with sharpie designs to make it permanent and thought I could do that with the ikat one!. So I did! And I think the final result is really pretty. Let me Know what you think!

Sterling Style


| A bowl | Sharpie or Bic Marking Marker | Gold marker or gold paint |


The first thing I did was analyze tha design I wanted. so it would look very similar, The first step you´ll do is to trace your design with fine lines over your bowl,  in case you mess it up you can always wipe it out with some alcohol and it will be completely clean. You should start by flipping over your bowl and dividing  the bottom part in symmetric parts (shown below). Then you proceed to fill your design.



As a final detail I painted the mouth edge with some gold paint (picture not shown) You have to be very careful in this step, I used a fine brush and I let it dry completely before using it. My plan is to use this bowl as a jewelry organizer, I would´nt recommend to use is for food because the cleaning could erase the paint. I´ve seen some tutorial where the say you can bake it and becomes permanent but it hasn´t been proved! Maybe you could!.. let me know!



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