I´m an illustrator now


A few weeks back a lovely client contact me and ask me for a custom avatar design, she said that she loved my Miss Lily Shades and she wanted something similar for her bussines. I had done inllustration in the past, so I said Yes.. after I finished she was very pleaced and she shared the illustration in a group of bussines women, and I started to have a ton of requests.. And belive me… I looove making this beatiful characters. Making their faces into this lovely images.. is so fun and rewarding. Also the filling of helping this people making their bussines more atractive and professional is awesome. So from now on, I´m open for request of illustration… At my shop you´ll se the listing for that, but I can do full illustration not just character standing still but also scenes with custom lettering too!.


New year New planner.

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday. I want to share my  first video on youtube where I show how to set up your Lovely Scrolling Planner for 2016; Using all the stickers that the planner comes with and the ones I sell on my shop. I hope you like it and like all youtuber say “give it a thumbs up” 🙂 Enjoy!

My Lovely Scrolling Planner


Hi Everyone, It´s been a long time since I´ve written a post, but finally I stop procrastinating and I´m writing again, the truth is that most of my time it´s been involved with my business. My brand Lovely Scrolling as a product line has been growing thankfully. At the end of last year I launch a planner and it was a very fun experience that I´m planning on doing it again next year with new designs. The fun part is that not only I sold my planners on my Etsy shop but also in stores here in my town Querétaro, México.

Working with local shops was great and also seen people using my planners is a very rewarding feeling. I´m working in developing more stationary related products, hopefully I could launch them soon this summer.

And also I want to post often, more recipes and DIY´s that I have saved up, every time I made something I take pictures for future posts that never come. But I promise I´m going to post all the cute things I made… In the mean time I want to share a few picture of the first planner I made last year. Please let me a comment if you like this post. 🙂

IMG_8209 IMG_8655



LovelyScrollingPlanner1_ENGLISH LovelyScrollingPlanner2_english

LovelyScrollingPlanner8 LovelyScrollingPlanner7
LovelyScrollingPlanner5_english LovelyScrollingPlanner4_english

Making history


First of all I was to say that I live in Querétaro, México. Its a beautiful city most known by the “arcos” wich is a aqueduct (Picture shown below). In 2011 the word Querétaro was named the most beautiful word in the spanish language, it was an online contest where more than 33,ooo people voted, The word Querétaro was nominated by the famous mexican actor Gael García Bernal (FIY Sooo gorgeous). Yesteday I find out that Mäka and FENDI are making history with an amazing bag here in Querétaro my city.

español2      Primero que nada quiero decirles que yo vivo en Querétaro, México. Es una ciudad hermosa mas conocida por sus “arcos” que es una acueducto. (Muestro fotografía abajo). En el 2011 la palabra Querétaro fue nombrada la palabra mas hermosa del idioma español, hubo un concurso online donde mas de 33,000 personas votaron, la palabra fue nominada por el famoso actor mexicano Gael Garcia Bernal (…guapísimo). Ayer me entere que MäKA y FENDI están haciendo historia con una bolsa increíble aquí en Querétaro mi ciudad.

| picture form Eric G. Photography|

MäKA is a government project (DIF) which goal is to promote and support indigenous people from Amealco, Querétaro by buying them their embroideries and applying them on modern clothing with craft detailing. This project started on 2010 with 40 artisans and today it helps more than a thousand.

This is all because of the governor´s wife Sandra Albarrán de Calzada,which is the president of this Government sistem called DIF “National System of Integral Family Development” and also MäKA.

The italian brand Fendi for the first time in history is using materials that comes from outside the companys workshops, this purse contains materials created by the artesians with their famous geometric patterns.

This is a limited edition that it´s only going to be sold in Saks Fifth Avenue “Sante Fe” (México city) and I belive is only by request.

Mäka es un proyecto de gobierno por parte del DIF, que su principal meta es apoyar a los indígenas de Amelaco, Querétaro al comprarles sus bordados y aplicandolos en ropa moderna con detalles artesanales. Este proyecto inicio en el 2010 con 40 artesanas y ahora apoya a mas de 1000.

Todo esto gracias a la esposa de Gobernador Sandra Albarrán de Calzada que es Presidenta del DIF (Sistema nacional de Desarrollo integral de la familia.) y por supuesto el proyecto MäKA.

La marca italiana FENDI por primera vez en la historia estará utilizando materiales provenientes de fuera de sus talleres, esta bolsa contiene materiales creados por las artesanas con sus diseños geométricos.

Esta bolsa será de edición limitada. En venta en Sacks de Santa Fe al parecer solo podrá ser vendida bajo pedido.

Here is a gorgeous video about the MäKA Project.


Hi, I am a Mexican Industrial designer/artist/graphic designer/ interior decorator amateur/ a lot more things! I live in the beautiful city of Querétaro México, have you ever been here? It´s beautiful. Since this is my first post in this blog I want to show some pictures of my city. I have been procrastinating about creating a blog, I started one in tumblr but I ended up doing nothing much. I finally I have enough motivation to be creative and do pretty fun stuff for you guys to enjoy! The thing is that every time I write on a blog I feel nobody is listening, in this case reading, But If you are out there reading this let me know so I can keep posting cool stuff. By the way If I make some grammatical mistakes don´t judge hahah.. remember that English is not my native speaking language Spanish is…and if you ask me in spanish I could write almost perfectly… sometimes! So I hope you like what I post! Please don´t hesitate on making requests! 🙂