Kate Spade Style Soiree Invite

Kate Spade Style Soiree Invite

Hi!.. I want to share with you guys my excitement, because I was invited by Heather the blogger from 
the southern state of mind blog to post my DIY Kate Spade inspired iphone case ,her and other 4 bloggers are inviting people to post at their pages diy projects inspired on kate Spade. They called it Kate Spade Style Soiree, I´m super new in all this blogging things. But it was an honor!..I just opened by blog like 2 weeks ago! How crazy is that!…I belive you can still post your ideas!.. But is not only Kate Spade, for four months they are going to do this Summer Soiree Style Series, four months, four different Style Icons! Check all the projects!  I also posted this project!