Midori (fauxdori) Traveler´s journal envelope folder DIY

la foto 2

Using an old, used, all stamped mailing envelope could be the perfect way to make a folder pocket for your midori. Very easy to make and great for cool looking extra storage in you travel journal.


As shown in the picture above I´m using an envelope I received from Hong Kong a few years ago with pretty mailing stamps, the size is a little smaller than a letter size paper. What you’ll have to do is to measure your planner, in my case I´m measuring my own planner (found on my etsy shop) and doubling the size cut the bottom part to leave it open and get the right size. Now folded in half.

You´ll get something like this. An envelope side and an open side.


Using your sewing machine or if you are brave enough stitch it by hand, stitch that middle line you just fold.  As shown below.


You´ll have something like this.


Now using some kraft tape or washi tape as you prefer, cover the edges of the open pocket to reinforce it.

IMG_0742 IMG_0743

This will make it strong and prevent it from tearing. Do not close the pocket just protect the edges leaving it open.


Now you can slip it under your insert.IMG_0746

And you are done!…you can go ahead and start decorating with memorabilia and whatever you want to put over your new envelope folder pocket thing.. haha.

IMG_0748IMG_0749IMG_0747   IMG_0750 IMG_0751

I hope you´ve like this DIY, personally I loved it!.. it gives my journal a traveled vibe and is very practical to store lots of things. Give me like and a comment if you´ve liked it and you want to see more midori/fauxdori related post. 🙂

Boring office chair makeover.


Having old furniture in your office could be quite depressing. Giving an uplift to your office chair could be a great inexpensive idea to make your office stylish and fun. Right now in my office I have a double desk and is mostly decorated in black-and-white with hints of mint and some coral pink , since I´m currently using a white aluminum Eames chair I wanted my other chair to also match and no look so out of place, so that’s why I choose this striped b/w fabric. This project took me less than an hour and it’s a pretty fun DIY to do on the weekend. You will only need a few tools that you probably already have at your home, I use some leftover fabric that I had from another project so this is a very inexpensive yet dramatic change project you can make for your office.


 of course a chair, stapler, fabric, screwdriver and some scissors.



The first step you´ll have to do is to take apart your chair and expose the back part of the sitting and back cushions.IMG_0294

Since I’m using for this project a black-and-white print fabric I’m also adding a liner that helps brighten the white areas of my print. You can see in the picture below the difference it makes using the liner to the white color. Since my chair has dark purple cover it makes my fabric look a little bit dark, but if your chair has a light color fabric or your new fabric is completely dark you can skip this step.


Go ahead and trace over your pieces of fabric the shape of the cushion leaving an extra 2 inches around the perimeter . Now you can start flipping the cushion over your fabrics and start stapling and tightening the fabric as you go along. IMG_0297

Its very important not to rush, you’ll have to flip your cushion several time to make sure its straight and alined, specially if your fabric has an specific patter or design it could end up crocked or not perfectly alined. Take your time during this step this is what makes it look profesional.

Onces you are done go ahead and trim all the excess fabric with a pair of scissors.

Assemble again the back part of your chair. and you are done! 🙂



Now you have a very stylish new chair. You can also spray paint the legs and all plastic parts to match your fabric. in my case I decided not too because I wanted to still have a pop of color in this case the translucent purple color that I still like.

Tips on choosing your fabric would be not to choose  very stretchy one and also someone that it’s durable, easy to clean and that goes with your office Decor.

I hope you you’ve liked this post, please let me know in a comment and feel free to share some pictures if you re-created this DIY.IMG_0307

Gold Rimmed Natural Onyx or Agate Stone Tray


When I saw this picture on pinterest I thought it was so pretty and elegant and remembered that I saw a similar Agate stone in a bazaar that I went (not sure if its agate or onyx), so I went back and bought it.. My first thought was to create the gold rimmed with gold leaf, but it was a bit expensive because I only found it in packages and not just a couple of sheets, then I found this paint called Liquid Gold (Rodin brand at Lumen store only in México) and I though this could work. Fingers Crossed! And it did! So follow this super super easy steps and you´ll get a perfect tray. Enjoy!

ESPAÑOL>>> Cuando vi esta imagen en pinterest pensé que era súper bonita y elegante y recordé que había visto piedra tipo Ágata una en un bazar que visité, así que regresé a comprarla.(No estoy segura que sea ágata o Onyx) Mi primer pensamiento fue hacer el contorno con hoja de oro pero era muy caro porque solo la conseguí en paquetes de varias hojas, entonces vi esta pintura llamada Oro Liquido de marca Rodin en Lumen y pensé que funcionaria Cruce mis dedos! y así fue! Así que sigue estos super super sencillos pasos y tendrás una charolita perfecta.


The first step is to clean very well your stone getting rid of any dust it might have, then with a fine brush apply the liquid gold all around the rimmed area carefully not to paint the flat surface of the stone. This type of paint dried so quickly so in a few minutes was ready!

El primer paso es lavar muy bien tu piedra para quitarle todo el polvo que pueda tener, después con un pincel fino aplica el Oro Liquido por todo el contorno de la piedra con cuidado de no pintar la parte plana de la piedra. Este tipo de pintura seco bastante rápido así que en minutos ya estaba lista! IMG_0337

 If the stone you found is too small you can make a pretty coaster! —– Si la piedra que encuentres es muy pequeña puedes hacer un bonito portavasos!


Owl Candle holder to pen holder.

This is a very quick make over, I turn this candle holder into a pretty pen holder.. And I loved it because it holds a lot of pens.. and it looks so cute with this funny owl. It only too a few minutes to paint and it was ready. 🙂

Este es un cambio de imagen rápido, convertí este porta velas en un porta lápices súper bonito. Y me encanto porque tiene espacio para muchas plumas y se ve padrísimo y súper tierno con ese buho. Solo me tomo unos minutos en pintar y quedo listo!.


DIY Lavender Planter


Lavender is one of my favorite plants in the whole world, the scent, the color and everything that you can do with the essential oils that you can extract from them is amazing. This DIY is very special for me because I love the contrast of the planter and the flowers, The rustic box that I found and the very fresh and clean style of the Lavender. First I found this box very similar to the image below, and I loved it because I love old stuff.. haha..and I saw the potential of becoming a planter.I´m gonna explain the steps that I took to make it perfectly adequate for plants.

ESPAÑOL>> La planta de lavanda es una de mis plantas favoritas en todo el mundo, el aroma , el color y todo lo que se puede hacer con los aceites esenciales de la lavanda es increible. Este DIY es muy especial para mi porque me encanta el contraste de la maceta y las flores, lo rústico de la caja de madera con lo fresco y limpio de la planta de Lavanda. Primero encontré esta caja muy similar a la foto de abajo, y me encanto porque me encantan las cosas viejas..jaja. y le vi potencial de ser maceta. Voy a explicar los pasos que seguí para prepararla para ser maceta.


| drill | spade bit | wooden box | pond liner | industrial stapler | soil | old hose | hammer | your favorite plant! |

| taladro | brocas de pala | caja de madera | plástico para estanques | engrapadora industrial | tierra |martillo |manguera | tu planta favorita! |

First you´ll drill several holes in the bottom of the box for draining, in my case I drilled 4, this will help you to drain the excess water.

Primero que nada haras varias perforaciones en el fondo de la caja, en mi caso le hice 4, esto te ayudara a tener un desagüe para el agua.

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-09 a las 23.10.57

Second thing I did was to put in place the plastic thick film use as pond lining, since this is a wooden box and with constant contact with water could cause the wood to rotten. After putting it in place I cut the film with a knife over the holes I did in the box.

Lo segundo que hice fue poner en su lugar el plástico negro para estanques , como esta caja es de madera y el constante contacto con el agua puede ocasionar que se pudra es necesario hacer este paso. Después de poner el plástico con un cuchillo corte sobre los agujeros que perfore en la caja.


Arter that I inserted a piece of an old hose that I had, to protect the drainage. I hammer it a little to inserted further.

Después inserté pedazos de una manguera vieja que tenia para proteger el drenaje. Lo martille un poco para que entrara mas al fondo.

After filing all the holes with hose, You´ll have something that looks like this.

Despues de rellenar todos los agujeros, tendrás algo que se ve así.

After that I staple the plastic to the mouth of the box, to avoid the moving of this material and preserve the shape.

Despues engrape el plastico a la boca de la caja para evitar que se mueva y mantener la forma.


I added  the soil with some vitamins and started to plant the lavenders.

Agregue un poco de tierra con vitaminas y comencé a plantar las lavandas.

IMG_9972 IMG_9973 IMG_9974IMG_9976

At the end you´ll have your beautiful planter!.. right know is not completely full or a very bright purple, because it´s new, but with time It´s going to grow even more stems. I hope you enjoy this tutorial!.. let me know with a comment.

A final tendras una hermosa maceta!.. por el momento no esta completamente llena o muy moradas las lavandas porque son nuevas, pero con el tiempo crecerá mas fuerte y tendrá tallos mas grandes y morados. Espero hayas disfrutado este tutorial, hazmelo saber con un comentario!.


DIY Ombre Dessert Cutlery


The ombre style is one trendy word it is most know for hair graded coloring but we have seen int in almost everything, nails, fabric, etc. But this diy is so simple and stylish and specially fun,  you are going to want to applying it in almost everything. First I was inspired by this pictures of spoons even though it doesn´t have to do anything with ombre it was the inspiration to purchase the spoons that I found on a dollar store.

español2El estilo Ombre es una palabra muy de moda últimamente que es mas conocida como el estilo degradado del color de cabello pero lo encontramos en casi cualquier cosa, uñas, telas, etc. Pero este DIY es tan simple y elegante y sobre todo divertida, Vas a querer aplicar la técnica en casi cualquier cosa. Primero me inspire en estas imágenes de cucharas de plástico y aunque no tienen nada que ver con el estilo ombre fueron la razón por la que compre las cucharas en primer lugar en las tiendas de un solo precio.



| plastic spoons | spray paint |

| cucharas de plastico | pintura en aerosol |


You´ll start by spraying in one direction to avoid painting the part that you don´t what to paint. If you use painters tape you will get a line and that what we are avoiding, we are looking for the faded color. First you spray a broad space with a single coat and every additional coat that you spray you paint a smaller area. Once you have done one side of the spoon and it´s completely dry you flip it and paint the other side.

Empezaras pintando con el spray en una solo dirección evitando el área que no quieres pintar. Si utilizas tape para tapar esa área te quedaran lineas y es lo que queremos evitar, queremos un color degradado. Primero pintaras un el area mas grande que quieres pintar y en cada capa que vayas aplicando iras reduciendo el área para lograr el efecto. Una vez que este seco lo volteas y pintas la parte trasera.


Then you have a beautiful set of dessert spoons of forks or any other item that you´ll like.  It truly looks amazing in real life, and it´s so inexpensive and chic! 🙂 Let me now is you tried something similar.

Al final tendras un hermoso set de cucharas o tenedores o cualquier cosa que hayas pintado. Verdaderamente se ve padrísimo en vida real, y es super economico de hacer y se ve muy chic. Hazme saber si hiciste algo similar.


Repurposing Skull candle stick


This diy was something that I really wanted for some time, and when I saw this cheese candle stick, I thought I could turn that into a pretty cupcake stand. First of all I´m so not into skulls unless I´m in a anatomy drawing class or wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf hahahaha i wish! So this was for me a very ugly candle stick, besides I don´t even like halloween. So this was easy and fun to do and it only took my a few minutes to accomplish. The steps I did were unscrewing all the skulls that were in the candle stick, this picture only shows two but there use to be like 10 all around. After that I just cleaned it, paint it and that was it, I hope you like this diy, simple and pretty.




DIY Refrigerator pen holder


hELLO AND HAPPY moNDAY.. I want to share with you a DIY, super easy and suuuuuppperrr funtional. When I´m in the kitchen I always need a pen or pencil but I don´t have an specific drawer or pen holder near me, I keep reaching my purse when I need to make a list.. I´m always making list.. it´s my thing!. So here it is!.. super simple and you probably have all the materials in your home already. FIY.. I made this DIY was inspired in one picture on pinterest that I couldn´t find today!

español2   HoLA y fELiz LUnEs!.. Quiero compartir con uds. un DIY (Hazlo tu mismo), súper fácil de hacer y suuuuppperrr funcional!. Cuando estoy en la cocina siempre necesito una pluma o lápiz para escribir y no tengo un lugar especifico como un cajón para tener plumas a la mano,  termino buscando en mi bolsa para encontrar una pluma..siempre estoy haciendo listas.. es lo que hago! jaja..Entonces aquí esta mi diy.. súper sencillo y seguramente ya tienes todos los materiales que necesitas en tu casa. Por cierto esta idea la tome de un pinterest que hoy no pude encontrar.


| a pepper or tea rectangular can or any other vintage can, works better with the ones with flat surfaces | one or two strong magnets or an adhesive magnet sheet (strong) |

| una lata de pimienta o cualquier otra lata antigua, funciona mejor con las que tiene superficies planas | uno o dos imanes fuertes o imanes en hoja adhesivos |


If you are usign the conventional magnets just put them inside your can and that´s it!, but if  you are using an adhesive magnet sheet just peel it and stick it onto the back of your can , make sure to clean the can very well first!

Si estas usando imanes convencionales solo colócalos dentro de la lata y listo!.. pero si estas usando las hojas adhesivas solamente despréndelos del protectores y pégalos en la parte trasera de la lata. Asegúrate de limpiar muy bien antes de aplicar el imán.

You can use this type of cans to but they are heavier and you´ll need a stronger magnet other wise it´s gonna slide down.

Puedes usar este tipo de latas pero son muy pesadas tendrías que usar un imán muy fuerte porque podría resbalares hacia abajo.


It´s better to use the cans that have already rounded edges so you won´t cut every time you grab a pencil.

Es mejor usar latas que ya traen las orillas redondeadas para evitar que te cortes cada vez que saques un lápiz.


And thats it!.. easy .. super functional and little vintage touch to your kitchen decor! 😉

Y eso es todo!.. fácil y súper funcional .. y es un toque vintage para la decoración de tu cocina. 😉


DIY Gray Chevron Tray

Chevron is patter that lately you see in every design you can get, carpets, phone covers, laptops, fashion and every decorative item. So This is nothing new but you can transform a ordinary object into a beautiful design piece!


I have had this wooden tray for years; I even paint it one time bright lime green, until a few month ago that I decided to paint it with a more interesting pattern.I needed a tray to organize all of my things that I keep over my dresser. So I thought about that old tray of mine. But you can do this on whatever flat surface you can think of, a table, the front of a dresser or even a cushion.

This project took me  2 hrs.

In this case didn´t cost me anything because I had all the materials.

First you`ll need: some water based paint (in my case some leftovers I used in the past), a paintbrush, cutter, pencil, ruler and masking tape or painters tape.


First you´ll have to paint the entire tray white or any color that you´ll chose. Once you have a solid base color, you lightly measured out a checkerboard in pencil.  In my case, I decided on 5cm x 5cm squares. I then used masking tape or painter’s tape to cover everything that is going to stay white.


I started painting with regular acrylic wall paint.  It took a lot of coats to get a solid color. Finally you remove all the tape and you can touch up some of the possible mistakes with a very fine brush and some base color paint.


The final result is really amazing. You can use it to stack some books, magazines or even a flower base over a coffee table. It´s a very easy to do weekend project.  Here you can check out another chevron tray i made too!.