DIY Mother´s Day Bookmark

Hi, this is a very funny post!.. I was looking for kids crafts tutorials a few months ago because I´m also an art teacher in my aunts school. And I came across with this picture in Pinterest of course. And I thought it was hilarious and perfect for a kids project. Since here in México tomorrow is Mother´s Day (always May 10th) I thought we could make this awesome bookmarks.


A digital camera | a place to print pictures or a printer | scissors |cutter or exact knife | Adhesive Plastic Sheets |some thread or ribbon.

First you have to take the pictures and tell the model (in this case the kids) to fake like they are hanging from a rope in their tippy toes and graving something to be able to place the ribbon. You can edit your pictures in photoshop if needed.


 Once you have your pictures all printed in my case (5 x 7 in) go ahead and star cutting around the persons body, the key is to cut exactly at the edge of the person so it could look more realistic.


Once you cut all around, with a exact Knife cut everything that was missing that the scissors wont do it.


This is such an easy thing to do that you can let the kids do it by them self, with less sharp scissors depending on their ages.

IMG_9308 IMG_9311

Once you have them all cut out, place them on top of the adhesive plastic sheet, to make sure they all fit.


You´ll need two sheets, one for the front and one for the back.  Once you have done that peel one sheet and star placing the photographs over it very carefully.


Once you place them all cover the back side with the other sheet making sure not to leave bubbles. This is easier with thicker films instead of the very thin ones, the thin ones tend to get wrinkles and could ruin the project.


For my older and very shy students I try something different that it going to look very cool too. (Less childish option)


The last step is to punch some little holes one on top of the hands and another one under so you can tie the ribbon or thread. I forgot to take a picture of this step but hopefully this last picture shows you exactly.

As you can see, this is a very fun and cool project to do with the kiddos, It´s going to last forever and I think any mom would love to have their kids in their Bibles or favorite books.

We also printed a second round of pictures to make something like a flag garland… (adding the pic latter.)

la foto-7

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