DIY Kate Spade inspired iphone case

I have always loved this Kate Spade´s iphone case also the black polka dots one, So I decided to make one myself. This DIY is really simple, you´ll need some basic materials and a couple of days.


Spray paint in Gold, white, transparent and another color (in my case aqua blue).


You´ll also need some circular adhesive labels for your pattern I chose ones from 1cm diameter. Also of course you´ll need an iphone case I bought mine on ebay for like 1 or 2 dollars directly from china. 🙂



I purchase the ones I used in a craft store just like this, but you can find them in places like office depot in small packages and different sizes.


Step 1: You have to sand a little bit the surface to allowed the paint to stick better, use a very high number sand paper that means a very soft sand paper not rough. After that you have to clean it very well before painting.


Step 2: Paint the first color, this is the color that the polka dots are gonna be. If you choose another color for the dots this is the time to paint it.

VERY IMPORTANT STEP —> STEP 3: Don´t forget to apply a transparent coat after step 2 especially if you are using metallic colors because when we put the labels on in step 4, metallic paint tends to loose the sparkly coat very easily when you peel the labels off, so we have to protect it with this transparent coat.


Step 4: Then you´ll stick the labels in order of your design, make sure that they are well put not peeling off.


Step 5: Go ahead and paint it white very fast because the sticker / labels start to peeling off right away.

Step 6: After its completely dry, you´ll peel off all the labels with the help of a exact knife or a tooth pick.


Small mistake.  Very important.


Step 7: If you want the edges colored, you´ll have to use some masking tape or painters tape and go around the whole diameter. I just stick it from a very small edge of 1 millimeter.


Step 8: Flip over and paint with our favorite color. I put a paper inside so the insides would not  get painted.


Step 9: Peel off the tape and reveal the perfect colored frame .


And  tadaaaa!. You have a very beautiful iphone cover that looks awesome, you can do this on any iphone or android phone covers just wont work on silicone ones because the paint will crack.



You can create any design you´ll like even using basic materials like painters tape or if you have pretty small decals you can used the too. Here are some examples of pretty ones you can accomplish very easily.

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